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A book worth reading

July 17, 2010

Recently, I heard about a new book that seemed quite impossible.

It is titled The Last Muster – Images of the Revolutionary War Generation by Maureen Taylor, and is a collection of pictures and stories of the last survivors of the American Revolutionary War and some of their family members.

In an era where photography was still a rather recent development, these war veterans were very old and some in poor health. But in their hometowns they were considered heroes, and thus first to be photographed.

A quote from the author:

“I wondered if it was possible to use photographic and documentary evidence to re-create the first generation of Americans — those men, women, and children bound together by having lived during the Revolutionary War… While there were many images in public collections or owned by collectors, I knew through my work as a curator and as a collector that there were likely even more in private family collections.”

This book has been reviewed by several critics and has received praise for being well-researched and interesting. I have yet to read it, but have recommended it to be purchased by my local library.

Source – Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, 11 July 2010: