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Review of The Dark Craft

December 10, 2015

The Dark Craft by Wesley Fox; paperback, 368 pages, published in 2012 by CreateSpace

RATED: 3 Stars out of 5

The Dark Craft offers an interesting, terrifying look into the haunted world of Amber McCall. What begins as a fairly typical life of a New England college student takes an ominous turn when she buys her first house, three centuries old, with a mysterious and malevolent history.

Almost at once the hauntings begin. Otherworldly noises and dark apparitions take their toll on Amber’s sanity. She discovers an old book with a pentagram on the cover buried in the basement, that despite her best effort to keep locked in a trunk, mysteriously reappears in different places in the house. She is then encouraged to contact Lee and Janice Monroe, husband-and-wife paranormal investigators and demonologists, with close ties to the church. The Monroes were not available to investigate immediately, so instead Amber contacted her friends back in her hometown in Arkansas.

Once the friends arrived and toured the house and experienced its intimidating phenomena, they all agreed it had a most unwelcome presence, very likely demonic in nature. When the Monroes returned to town, they sought Amber to help with her plight. They began by reading the curious old documents found hidden in her attic, including a diary written by a young woman back in the 1690’s, telling of a man with a terrible secret and supernatural abilities.

After further paranormal incidents occurred in the house, a priest was called to investigate and gather evidence to convince the Catholic Church to perform an exorcism. He was unsuccessful, so more spiritual people were called in and finally chased away the evil entity.

The old house now knew peace — unheard of since it was originally inhabited after the unfortunate conclusion of the Salem Witch Trials.