Earthly Angel

(19 November 2013) Yesterday, I witnessed a miracle. I was amazed and humbled that God heard my “prayer” and responded by sending an angel. I never got the chance to ask your name. Thank you, whoever you are. Your act of kindness and generosity will be paid forward.

After shopping for groceries with my son and checking out, my debit card was refused by the merchant as having insufficient funds to cover my purchase. My fault entirely. I had no idea what to do next.

Another customer overheard our distress and came to our rescue by paying the debt in full – not a small purchase amount in my estimation. That selfless act of generosity restored my faith in humanity and renewed my faith in the Lord.

I learned many lessons yesterday.

Lesson 1: God listens.
Lesson 2: communication is key.
Lesson 3: family matters.
Bonus lesson: although I am ready to return to work, I may not be recovered enough to provide my best for a potential employer. Fellow stroke survivors will understand.



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