Game Changer

Stuff happens. My life changed forever in January 2008. I had an ischemic stroke on the right side of my brain, which affected the left side of my body – gait, dexterity, vision, hearing, and verbal communication. Also affected relationships with my family and friends.

No longer able to work and drive, I became somewhat a hermit. Lost in my own little world. Slow to react. Unable to talk and be understood. Unable to understand clearly what exactly was happening to me, causing grief and frustration. For me and my family.

Through many months of therapy, I learned to deal with my changed life. No longer were things easy for me, even walking was a challenge. Forget about running – years away from that ability. Re-learned how to eat, dress, care for myself. And speak. I have something called aphasia. Thank goodness my memory was left pretty much intact.

So begins my journey to recovery, and my new “normal.”


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