Clearing up a misunderstanding

I just finished reading a book titled Delaware’s Forgotten Folk; the Story of the Moors and Nanticokes by C. A. Weslager, written in 1943. It helped clear up a misunderstanding about one of my ancestors, Sarah Nisa Hansor. Since she was listed in birth records as being mulatto, I assumed she might be of either African-American or Native American descent, or both. Turns out the term mulatto was applied to everyone who did not appear white.

So now she appears to be of Native American descent, probably either from the Nanticoke or Lenni Lanape tribes of the DelMarVa Peninsula.

It was interesting to read about the customs of the the locals in Delaware, some of whom are considered part of a group of people known as the Delaware Moors. They are not sure of their ancestry, and keep pretty much to themselves. Another interesting group of folks are members of the Nanticoke Indians, whose tribe was recognized by the State of Delaware. According to some local history, all the Native Americans had been run out of the DelMarVa Peninsula area, but it turns out that some remained and acclimated to life among the whites.

The book lists a few medicinal/herbal remedies that were part of the Nanticoke tribal history, some of which are still in use today. And several folk tales that were interesting to say the least. Some of them sounded pretty scary.

Fascinating history – thank goodness for interlibrary loans. And thank you Kenny Brown, who suggested I read the book.



One Response to “Clearing up a misunderstanding”

  1. Ken Says:

    Please contact me. I am a descendant also of Sarah Nisa Hansor, and she is buried in Conecuh County, AL, the next county next to mine. I would like to discuss more about our ancestry together.

    Thanks, Ken

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